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"Impact Field Project"-South Africa

Dear Friends,


Earlier this month while participating in a World Youth Congress in Pretoria, South Africa, one of our Board of Advisors members, Fedly Bonneau, along with young adult members from Australia, Madagascar, and the U.S. (Omaar Sears, Anthony Vincent, Nellie Pomat, Adi Emele Burogolevu, Atelena Nadugu, Emeline Fotu, Lluwannee George, Jemima-Rose Merrit, Lora Seniyalekula, Melinda Webster, Mereseini Leivere, Natalie Nawaikalou, Aaliyah-Jade Bradbury, Sakiusa Marawa, Samantha Lee, Sophie Wills, and Kerena Rar) volunteered at the Kameldrift Community Crisis Centre in Pretoria, South Africa.  The Crisis Centre is a safe haven for the children of the surrounding squatter houses where child abuse is prevalent, particularly during the school holidays.  It is also a place where they can receive meals they otherwise would not have.  The children range from infants to young adults and like most children anywhere in the world, they simply love getting out on the pitch (field) and pretending they are making their first cap (goal).  Unfortunately, the field is nothing but a dusty plot of land.


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new project we will be undertaking immediately-“Impact Field”.


We ask your support to help build a sports field/facility for the Kameldrift Community Crisis Centre in Pretoria, South Africa. At the end of summer, funds received will be used to help build the sports field, to be known as, “Impact Field”.  As you may be aware, sports offers a wide range of educational opportunities, team building skills, leadership skills, planning skills and organizational skills.  These are the skills the children of the squatter camp require to break the poverty cycle.


By participating in this project, children will learn how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle and will make a positive impact in the lives of children less fortunate.


If you have any questions or require further information regarding this project, please do not hesitate to contact M.A.D.E. at 713-398-0419.


Thank you for your cooperation and for helping Impact South Africa.



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