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Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts



HARVEY blew in and then blew out, but it could not break our spirit.


Now, it's Recovery time!


The purpose of this effort is to do our small part in helping the local communities recover after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.


We have toiletries, food, clothing...If you want to contribute, we ask for care packages, water, toiletries, new or slightly used clothing of all sizes to include under garment item (NEW under wear, socks, t-shirts of various sizes), baby clothing and supplies, and cleaning supplies.


Since the mosquitos are a serious issue, we ask for bug spray as well!


To contribute, drop-off supplies at the following location:

Teal Run GMA Clubhouse

4703 Teal Bend Blvd

Fresno, Texas 77545


Dates: September 1 - 7, 2017

Time: 8am - 10pm



Thanks to the Citizens and Neighbors of the Fresno Community to include Teal Run, Andover Farms, Windfield Lakes, Cambridge Falls. Thanks to the City of Arcola and the Houston Millennials for truckloads of supplies!


NOTE: If you cannot get here, please call and we will attempt to deliver to you. However, please understand, that due to the large amounts of requests we must prioritize and therefore may not get to your request.

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