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"M.A.D.E.'s Act Against AIDS Initiatve"


Many of our families and friends have been affected by this disease.


This initiative brings together the community to intensify HIV/AIDS prevention efforts in black communities. It is our goal to create and then share some of our dialogue with other national organizations to ensure that we can contribute to the national level of action. We have been involved in developing this program for the past year.


HIV takes the greatest toll among African Americans, Latinos and MSM of all races. The rate of new infections among blacks is seven times the rate among whites. Among Hispanics, the rate of new HIV infections is three times as high as that among whites. Our aim is to use our ability to effectively reach these impacted communities through their existing communication channels and mobilization activities.


Examples include: Holding education and training sessions on HIV prevention; Integrating Act Against AIDS and other HIV prevention messages into community forums; Working with community leaders to produce PSAs about HIV prevention; Training and funding local community organizations to implement community-based HIV awareness campaigns; Working to educate state and local policymakers and community leaders about the role of HIV prevention in advancing the well-being of African Americans, Latinos and gay and bisexual men of all races.

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