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"M.A.DE. for Reading Program"


We are currently working with Scholastic on this mentoring program in which a mentor from the community will commit one hour of their time, once a month, to read to an entire classroom. As part of the program, each student will receive a copy of the monthly book to grow a home library.


Sponsorship Opportunities

In return for their contributions, all corporate sponsors will receive recognition on all of our future program and promotional materials. Individual sponsors are also welcomed and encouraged. Most importantly, sponsors will have an opportunity to participate in our wonderful new program. If you are aware of a school that would benefit from this program, please contact us.


We are currently targeting local schools to implement this program.


Kids Who Feel Better About Themselves Do Better in School. You don't need any special training or certification. If you can spend at least one hour a month, arranged around your needs and the school's schedule, you may be able to start participating in a School-Based Mentoring program this fall.


I am delighted and honored to have been involved in the development of this program for the past two years. This program reinforces three fundamental principles: reading is fun; the community cares; and a commitment to education can ensure success.


For questions and any additional information, please contact M.A.D.E. at 713-398-0419.

Thank you for your commitment to our community and schools and for always going the extra mile to support our students initiatives.


We appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing and seeing you in the classroom soon.

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