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Good Samaritan Inn (GSI)

Fedley Bonneau

M.A.D.E., GSI Project Manager



The Good Samaritan Inn (GSI) was founded in 2007 in Kingston, Jamaica. The Inn is able to provide housing in emergency situations for up to 30 people.


M.A.D.E.'s vision is to assist GSI in providing for services to the underserved population so they may have access to basic necessities such as:

•  Meals

•  Shower

• Clothing

•  Medical Care

•  Shelter

•  Skills Training Center

•  Clinic



•Feeds over 400 people a week (3 meals a week on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)

•The 3 days are sponsored by various groups of volunteers and companies who serve meals

•Meals are currently prepared off site



•People are able to get clothes

•Clothes are donated from locally to internationally

•The staff goes through the clothing to separate based on size and gender (Men, Women, and Children)



•Qualified Medical professionals provide a helping hand

•Due to shortages, people are still in need of medications for illness such has depression, hypertension, etc.


Community Outreach:

•The GSI was set out to be a way to meet the needs of the indigent people of Kingston

•Provides basic necessities (a place to shower, get a hot meal, and a change of clothing)

•The GSI is a place where the physical, mental, spiritual and social aspect of a man’s life is emphasized and catered to







Phase I- The Clinic (currently in progress)


The Clinic will be the first aspect of growth because it meets a urgent need of the people. Phase I is expected to take 0 to 6 months and will require a full time Project Manager (PM) who will be responsible for clean up, remodeling, equipment installation for all Phases of this Project.


•Phase II- Kitchen (daily prepare and provide meals on site)

•Phase III- Homework area (youth homework club and skills training center)

•Phase IV- Housing (provide full time housing, bathroom and showers)


Completion of these Phases are crucial and will ensure that we provide a solid support foundation for the underserved, but we need your help and support through your donations.

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